Your Eyes My Sight. Photo: Søren Meisner

Glad Theatre wish to broaden the knowledge of Danish Inclusive Art by performing, co-producing and touring world wide. And we would love to visit your venue too!

Our performances range from the experimental performance universe to retelling classic stories in new ways and have a special strength in the physical and visual expression. The performances are not necessarily aimed for an audience with disabilities, but are all suitable for a mixed audience.

At the time, we have two performances available for international touring.

“At Glad Theatre, we want to give the audience an extraordinary and original experience.”

“Our actors are unique and they constantly amaze us when we discuss artistic questions. This is highly relevant and immensely interesting.

If you ever have been excluded you know the need to be included, so the need for inclusive theatre is always relevant.”


Founder Lars Werner Thomsen and PR & Communication Manager Janne Schnipper participated in the article series In Focus, held by Cut the Cord Theatre in London.

Visit the world of Glad Theatre - 2016, UK subtitles

We would love to visit your venue!

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