Glad Theatre

Glad Theatre is a Danish inclusive arts ensemble theatre. For 15 years, we have been challenging the state of performing art by creating performances with actors with disabilities. With our unique actors and their distinctive interpretations, we tell vibrant and important stories on stage.

In order to broaden perspective, Glad Theatre often enter co-productions with other theatres. Through the years, we have built up close collaborations and made exchanges with theatres and cultural institutions in both Denmark and abroad. Glad Theatre tours both nationally and internationally.

Glad Theatre’s performances range from experiences in the experimental performance universe to retelling classical stories in new ways. The ideas for the performances are based on a wide variety of sources of inspiration and have a special strength in the art of physical and visual expression. For Glad Theatre, the direct communication between actor and audience is vital and the performances often involve the audience as a key contributor.

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Web / www.gladteater.dk/international

Any questions?

On the 7th of June at 14.30 CET, a zoom information meeting will be held, where everyone interested in the workshop can participate and ask questions

Link to Zoom information meeting

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