STORMEN - The Rumble

A playful street performance

about the stormy situations in life

I hear the storm rumble in the distance – it is moving closer and closer. I have a hard time standing, the wind pushes me out of balance, and I tumble to the ground. The storm is around me, inside me – the storm is me.

Throughout our lives, we find ourselves in stormy situations that affect us in both small and large scales – sometimes, we don’t even know if these situations are created by ourselves – but with a little bit of fun and craziness we will manage to go through it.

This performance is a shorter and lighter street version of STORMEN – The Tempest. The Rumble is a nonverbal performance aimed for a younger audience and families.

Age 8+

Duration approx. 25 min.

Stage 8m x 6m x 5m

Both outdoor and indoor

Supported by

Cast Janick Pihl Nielsen, Dan Roland Lund, Christoffer Hvidberg Rønje

Choreography Antonio Quiles

Set Design Sir Grand Lear

Music and Sound Design Daniel Fogh

Concept Antonio Quiles and Lars Werner Thomsen


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