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New Frontiers - A four-week artistic development workshop in Copenhagen

The Elephant Vanishes, Complicité. Photo: Robbie Jack

Glad Theatre (DK) and Complicité (UK) call out for professional performers, actors, directors, or dancers to participate in a four-week workshop in Copenhagen, October 2021

What happens if artists approach creativity like they are explorers, astrophysicists, pioneers? If they explore the world from the microscopic to universal? If they apply the laws of physics to performance? If they create through chain reactions, collisions and combustion?

What happens in the petri dish when Complicité, Glad, and Open Call applicants join forces and create collectively in this scientific artistic space?

During the four weeks you will have the opportunity to work five days a week (Mon-Fri) with artists from the world-renowned theatre company Complicité, Glad Theatre, as well as other Open Call applicants from all over the world. You will have the opportunity to dive deep into the field of diversity, collective creation, and exploration.

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Glad Theatre has taken the initiative to create a series of international artist exchange residencies. We want to invite the artists we admire into a space of creation and exploration and share with our colleagues. We want to take a step back from our usual production reality and give time to create new forms, new art, make mistakes, and exchange inspiration.

Glad Theatre is an inclusive arts ensemble theatre based in Copenhagen. Participants from Glad Theatre are six performers with disabilities from the ensemble and Directors Lars Werner Thomsen and Jesper Michelsen.

Complicité is an international world-renowned touring theatre company based in London. Complicité participants are Josie Daxter, Director and leader of the workshop, whom will be joined for four days by first Gareth Fry, Sound Designer, and then by Yasuyo Mochizuki, director and teacher of movements and object theatre (Lecoq).

Your Eyes My Sight, Glad Theatre. Photo: Søren Meisner


The cross-pollination of creative practice from all the participants will create a space fizzing with connections, collisions, and reactions – physical, mental, emotional!

The workshop will consist of collaborative explorations and experiments about:

  • Who we are, what each of us brings to the room
  • How we meet each other to play and create as an ensemble
  • How we use our bodies in space and time to tell stories
  • The use of sound and objects as catalysts for the creation of imaginative, perspective-shifting theatre

We will ask lots of questions. We will look for answers by making work playfully, instinctively. We will share our findings. We will ask new questions. Each day will have a different shape and a new stimulus. Each day will have an arc of game-playing, physical exploration, devising tasks, and sharing work with each other.

We will work at The Lab Station, an old cinema redesigned for theatre experiments. The Lab Station is placed in the centre of Copenhagen close to the Central Station and serves as the perfect space for our work. Besides our everyday work, there will be a few evenings where we share elements, images, and ideas with other professionals from the Danish Performing Arts landscape.


We are looking for six professional performing artists from all over the world to participate in the workshop being:

  • Brave performing artists who are ready to jump in and get involved
  • Artists who have a desire and interest in working in an ensemble with co-artists with disabilities
  • Artists who recognize the theatrical space as a space of endless opportunities
  • Artists who bring themselves and their background into a playful collective creation
Mnemonic, Complicité. Photo: Sarah Ainsley



October 4th – October 29th, 2021,
Copenhagen, Denmark

It is important that you can participate throughout the whole period

Participation in this workshop is free of charge

Any expenses, such as travel costs, accommodation etc., it is the participant’s own responsibility to cover

The working language will be English


Deadline:  June 18th, 2021

Send in your motivated application and CV within the deadline to jesper@gladteater.dk

Please let us know if you have any access requirements

We will select six participants from the incoming applications

You will receive an answer June 30th, 2021 (the latest)

About us

Any questions?

On the 7th of June at 14.30 CET, a zoom information meeting will be held, where everyone interested in the workshop can participate and ask questions. Please join us!

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