New Frontiers - Complicité

Glad Theatre has taken the initiative to create a series of international artist residencies in which we invite the artists we admire into a space of creation and exploration

This first artistic development workshop – NEW FRONTIERS – with world renowned Complicité as the artists in residency took place in October 2021. During four weeks, a group of selected artists from all over the world was given the opportunity to dive deep into the field of diversity, collective creation, and exploration – without having a performance as a goal.

What happens if artists approach creativity like they are explorers, astrophysicists, pioneers? If they explore the world from the microscopic to universal? If they apply the laws of physics to performance? If they create through chain reactions, collisions, and combustion?

What happens in the petri dish when artists from all over the world join forces and create collectively in this scientific artistic space?

Open Call

Through an Open Call, we invited artists from all over the world to participate.

We received more than 50 applications and chose five international artists as members of our workshop ensemble. The selected five were joined by six performers from Glad Theatre.

The workshop was observed by stud.scient Ida Schmidt-Larsen, actor Milda Sutkevičiūtė and cand.mag Sofie Hentrich.


Bart Bijnens (NL)
Ilon Lodewijks (NL)
Max Gabarre-Grindrod (F)
Nikki Hill (UK)
Yuki Kawahisa (JP)

Anna Sophie Lübeck
Dan Roland Lund
Janick Pihl Nielsen
Julie Andersen
Michele Rasmussen
Siri Vikesaa

Complicité participants were Josie Daxter, Director and leader of the workshop, joined for four days first by Gareth Fry, Sound Designer, and second by Yasuyo Mochizuki, director and teacher of movements and object theatre (Lecoq). Furthermore, Lars Werner Thomsen and Jesper Michelsen, directors and founders of Glad Theatre, participated.

The aim of the workshop was to explore and inspire by making work playfully, instinctively. By sharing our findings and asking new questions. Each week had a different shape and a new stimulus. Each day had an arc of game-playing, physical exploration, devising tasks, and sharing work with each other.

At the end of the four weeks, in collaboration with The Lab Station, the Danish Stage Art Community was invited to an open sharing of our experiments and explorations with the possibility to ask questions to the proces.

The artist residency and development workshop was generously supported by the Danish Arts Foundation.


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Founders of Glad Theatre Lars Werner Thomsen and Jesper Michelsen have been working together for more than twenty years. In this interview, they elaborate on their thoughts about inclusive arts theatre and try to describe what Glad Theatre is all about.

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